Can you remember when you last felt hope?

No? There was a time when I felt that same way. I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember when I felt hope, what it felt like to live in the light, or most importantly when I felt deeply loved.

Mostly, I felt numb, exhausted, and apathetic towards life. It took all that I had to just exist and hold it together. Moments of joy and laughter were a distant memory. Meant for someone who was worthy. Someone less broken.

It wasn't until someone I loved pointed out that I was not acting like myself that I realized that I was lost. That something had to change and that I could no longer stay numb.

In the course of healing myself, mindset work became a passion and when I married it to my faith I realized I was never broken. I was and am just as I am meant to be. That I was never alone and I was always deeply loved, even when I refused to feel it. You can feel that truth too. 

You can unveil your divine worth with the tools that I teach by using them in faith.

Just like a stool with three legs, there is stability only when all the legs work together. When you combine the following tools you allow yourself to create amazing breakthroughs of hope, light, and love. These then lead to mindset transformations where you understand, embrace, and believe in your divine worth. And that is where your gracefully unbroken journey begins.

Control Your Mindset
  • Become aware of your thoughts and how they drive you. 
  • Learn to stop your thoughts from controlling your mindset.
  • Understand your thought and belief cycles. 
Build Your Foundation
  • Learn to become aware of where and how you are building your beliefs. 
  • Understand how your thought cycle creates your beliefs.
  • Feel when your faith is guiding you and increase how often you trust and use your faith. 
Love and Trust Yourself
  • Begin to listen to your intuition and inner nudges. 
  • Learn to rely on grace and wisdom
  • Actively hear Him and co-create a life with God. 

Heather Cherrington Mentoring

Heather Cherrington combines faith and mindset to create a specialized mentoring service that helps women take control of their thoughts, build a faith-centered foundation, and learn to love and trust themselves with grace and wisdom.

Helping you unveil your divine worth through love, grace, and mindset transformation. 

Thought and Belief Cycle Framework

Stop Self-Criticism and Start Loving Your Life

Gracefully Unbroken

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